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Beach lover are you

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Originally planned as a Brian Wilson solo outing named Brian Loves You , the album is almost entirely written and performed by Wilson [2] [3] and was penned during a process of mental and drug rehabilitation for him. Synthesizers are featured heavily in its arrangements, while the lyrics tend to be autobiographic or conversational.

One single was issued from the album: Love You has been recognized as a work of "proto- synth pop ," [2] a forerunner to new wave experiments, [5] and an idiosyncratic and creative oddity in the Beach Boys' canon. Ten years ago, I had resolved I wasn't going to tour, that I was much better off, I assumed, at home, in an environment where I could create music. Then, the guys in the group said, "Hey Brian, would you help us?

We think your presence on the road would improve the quality of the show and help sell tickets. Three months following the release of 15 Big Ones , Wilson commenced recording the bulk of Love You — then tentatively a solo project entitled Brian Loves You [11] or Brian's In Love [12] — that he had mostly written alone.

The songs were largely performed by Wilson through the aid of multitrack recording. On November 27, , eleven days after compiling the first rough mix of the Love You demos, [18] Wilson made a solo appearance on Saturday Night Live at the instigation of Landy to promote the upcoming album by performing Beach Boys oldies and the work-in-progress track "Love Is a Woman".

Similar to the Wilson-commandeered Mount Vernon and Fairway , Love You' s instrumentation is almost entirely made up of state-of-the-art analog synthesizers such as the Minimoog , [21] with arrangements inspired by Wendy Carlos ' Switched-On Bach According to him, Wilson's studio time was booked by therapist Landy, who forced him to be productive, which was "the only way he'd get his dinner.

I would sit in there with Brian for his morning session, which ran from 10 a. Nobody else wanted to get up that early. I got paid to do that. I spent a lot of time with him — sometimes productive, sometimes not productive.

It was very cool because I was a major Brian Wilson fan and I got to talk to him a lot about the recording aspects of the music that interested me. Containing 12 of songs the Beach Boys had worked on throughout and , the album also sourced two tracks from earlier recording sessions. Beach Boys historians have estimated that it was likely recorded sometime in spring and fall Carl Wilson remixed the completed material in January , overdubbing elements such as guitar and extra percussion to complement the idiosyncratic sound of the songs.

I remember watching the brothers work on it. Carl wanted Brian to feel appreciated. He had the most to do with that album, him and Dennis, paying tribute to their brother. The Minimoogs are all over the place. Mankey considered Love You to be "lighthearted" on the surface, but a "serious, autobiographical" work that could be compared somewhat to Eraserhead.

Simple messages, conveyed in a straight-forward fashion. Even the beautiful moments are grounded in basic living. The vocals are gruff. The lyrics can be immature or come from a youthful perspective. I think he liked the tack piano because it had that sort of percussive click on it and it sort of fulfills the same function as a high-hat except with all these notes so it makes everything sort of swirl.

The fourth track, "Johnny Carson", is a "pivot point" of the album, wrote Carlin. I told them I was gonna write a song about him and they didn't believe me. I had the whole thing done in twenty minutes. The lyrics can be interpreted as Wilson's frustrations with outside pressures expecting him to be consistently active; which leads him to compare himself with the daily appearing late-night talk show host Johnny Carson.

Brian said that "Good Time" was recycled for Love You because Spring was unsuccessful and he thought: Why waste a song? He was channeling a certain vibration. He would get hyper-focused on one riff. That might have evolved into ' Shortenin' Bread '.

Those songs had that great boogie piano behind them. He had such unique rhythmic expressions, and the voices were like punctuation marks. Brian parked in the driveway and approached the house. I opened the front door and invited him in. Landy, so it's OK," with a half smile from the side of his mouth.

I gave him two Biphetamine 20s and a glass of water and he gulped them down like someone gasping for fresh air after having been submerged for a long time. We had a beer and played pool for a while and then Brian found his way to the music room. He had seated himself at my upright piano and was playing a tune. Just something I came up with now," he replied. I said, "It sounds great!

Do you want to write some words? We played the tune for an hour or so but the only lyrics we had were: After about five or six hours of this, I got tired and went to bed. When I awoke the next morning, Brian was still at the piano playing the same verse over and over. For the opening of side B, Brian has said on two different occasions that " Solar System " was written while driving to his daughters' school. In , Wilson retrieved an instrumental track he recorded in for the album Summer Days and Summer Nights!!

It almost has kind of a punk edge to it. He plays everything on it, did all the vocals. Everything was pretty much done in one take. Released on April 11, just weeks after announcing the band's new record deal with CBS , it has been hypothesized that the lack of promotion Reprise Records put into Love You was a byproduct of the falling out between artist and label.

Some saw the album as a work of "eccentric genius" whereas others "dismissed it as childish and trivial". Rolling Stone ' s Billy Altman called the album "truly wonderful" and "reminiscent of many other Beach Boys albums.

Like the best of them, it's flawed but enjoyable. Brian Wilson still isn't singing as well as he used to, but his playing and composing talents have certainly returned from wherever they've been the past few years. In a negative review by Audio , the album was named "a real disappointment … patronizing and disastrous, the kind of record to get out of a contract with.

And that they have done. It praised the fanzine Pet Sounds for publishing a negative piece on the album by Michael Tearson , for who they called "the only record reviewer who told it like it is. In the decades since its release, Love You developed a cult following and is regarded by some as one of the band's best albums. Erik Kempke said of the album: In , publication Musician, Player, and Listener wrote: That release is Brian Wilson's most ambitious and successful work of the decade.

Following the album's lukewarm reception and the reemergence of personal demons, Wilson resumed his back seat proceedings in the band and would never again be as involved with an album's genesis and execution. That's where my heart lies.

Jesus, that's the best album we ever made. Just a very short song, that's all. All tracks written by Brian Wilson , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Love You album. I worked specifically at getting the lyrics right, so that the lyrics would be interesting enough to listen to. Like, " I love to pick you up because you're still a baby to me "—you know, things like that.

This vocal exchange is a trait that is common on much of Love You. It wasn't " Good Vibrations ". It was barely even the Beach Boys. But Love You was a mesmerizing and at time darkly lovely portrait of the world as viewed through the eyes of an emotionally fraught thirty-four-year-old rock star whose own success had become an inescapable trap. Retrieved 1 July Appreciating an Unusual Beach Boys Album".

The Good Men Project. Erik August 15, Retrieved October 27, A Conversation with Brian Wilson". Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved 29 July The Fine Art of Surfacing". Retrieved 13 September Retrieved July 18, Retrieved October 26, Retrieved 16 July Retrieved October 28, Retrieved 6 November Retrieved September 9,


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Please try again later. This album was the result of a short-lived but much welcomed burst of creativity and activity by Brian Wilson in the mid 70s. It sounds nothing like the classic Beach Boys familiar world wide, and yet, it is the most cohesive, unified and, to my ears, "Beach Boys" album since Today and Summer Days. It was written and produced almost entirely by Brian Wilson, but it features the distinctive vocal input of each group member in roughly equal proportions.

Pet Sounds and Smile are, of course, masterworks, but they had much lyrical involvement from outsiders - Tony Asher and Van Dyke Parks, respectively - and Brian sang lead vocals on a disproportionate number of tracks.

The Sunflower-era albums are strong and highly underrated but, with Brian's decreased involvement, reveal a number of disparate creative interests taking the band in different directions. Therefore, Love You is the natural progression from the early-mid s Beach Boys foundational template - Brian writing the songs, and the boys singing the tunes. It's a shame that Brian and the group couldn't keep going in a similar mold for the next decade or so but sadly, after just one more Brian Wilson-orchestrated album the unreleased Adult Child , our main man would again retreat and the group would again be lead in a number of different directions most of them negative as Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston took up the reigns.

Thankfully, we have Love You as a one-off reminder of how things could've been for the post-popularity Beach Boys. It would be fantastic if we could now see the unreleased Adult Child released in full several tracks were included on the box set. Until then, I'm just a dreamer. MP3 Music Verified Purchase. My favorite Beach Boys album. A certain album of theirs is super glorious and all but enough praises are lavished upon it - all the other offerings by this band, imo the greatest American early pop band, are severaly overlooked.

I enjoy their later albums, such as this and M. I got them when they first came out and they still sound good. One person found this helpful. Audio CD Verified Purchase. Brian did all of the bass lines for the record with an ARP and a Moog synthesizer. Love You is one of the strangest albums Love You is one of the strangest albums the Beach Boys have ever put out. But it's also one of their best. It will confuse many people, but once you "get it", it resonates with you.

I cannot recommend it enough. This is a very rare, special album in the beach boys discography. It's basically a solo synth album by Brian Wilson in the 70s. XXX Voyeur Films Nue a la Plage Dose of Voyeur Sex Nude Beach Pussy Home Sex Videos Best Voyeur Sites Cute Amateur Teen Sex Young Teen Home Porn Homemade Hidden Sex Secret Girlfriend Videos German Sex Film Swedish Sex Videos Hot Porn Show Hidden Swedish Fuck Wife Hidden Porn Dansk Voyeur Porn Wild Free Videos Best Voyeur Fetish Sharky Nudist Sex Free Voyeur Porn My Ex Gf Porn Cuckold Porn Videos Japanese Voyeur Porn A-TeenZ Voyeur Nudism Housewife Caught Nude Homemade Fuck Tube Nudist Beach Porn Spanish Voyeur Porno Cumshot Secret Videos Freya Beach Porn Elephant Voyeur Porn Oh Porno Video Girlfriend Voyeur Porn Hidden French Porn Italian Video Voyeur Wife Swallows Cum First Time Anal Sex Voyeur Russian Porn First Anal Videos Teen Girlfriend Videos Amateur Voyeur Porn Home Secret Videos Mature Amateur Sex Ah Deutsche Sex Filme Wife Hidden Porn Video Home Voyeur Videos Candid Voyeur Zone Germans Hard Fucking Ilet Caret is a white sand islet surrounded by transparent turquoise waters.

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