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Looking for a nice ongoing partnership. I prefer mboobiesage from an amateur (no males or anyone in the adult industry).

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Hookers in Bartonville Illinois

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So it sounds lame and im not sure how works lol but ill give this a try. My treat. Drives me nuts that so many of her friends in the hoydy toydy neighborhood consistently visit to flirtborrow the footballask me to fix their house stuff (yes, really).

I am a spontaneous, outgoing, fun, sensual and erotic person who is interested in spending some quality time with a female who knows what she wants and enjoys the finer things in life.


Although every report is reviewed, reporting does not gaurantee a post will be removed. It features a minor. This Homewrecker is Racheal Ann Norrberns. She lives in Carlyle, IL. She suduced my husband and cried when he came home till he went back. She also told him on many occasions that she was IN LOVE with him, and said I love you to him while he was home with his wife and kids! You see, Heather has daddy issues.

Her dad also had an affair. She even had the audacity to talk about his children, his parenting, and how lucky his kids were to have him as a dad, yet she was trying to break apart his family!!! Please watch your man around Katie Casper. Married mother of two snaked her way into our marriage during a time when my husband was fighting severe depression.

Not only did she chest, she tried to friend me during the whole thing! When confronted by me she gave a hollow apology and tried to turn the tables. This young lady wants to go out for drinks with married men, goes to dinner with them at fancy restaurants and takes them home at the end of the night.

She loves having sex in the tight corners of their basement or on top of their washing machine. Poor mexican parents raised her to be a God fearing christian yet she turned out to be completely the opposite.

She loves old men with luxury cars and uses them and their money to go out on fancy bars or watch a game at the ball park. Watch out for her as she may be looking for her next target pretty soon!

Used Snap chat to meet me. Said his name was Travis White, told me lies to like him. Found out his name is Trent Wieties and he is married. Talked for months and he pretended to be interested in more than sex. Made it sound like he wanted a relationship.

He could only talk at certain times he said because of work but found out it is because he is married. He used me for sex and once he was done cancelled his snap chat and phone number. He is a horrible person and even uses his kids as ways to relate. Says he is in the military and that also may be a lie.

It has been a month and I think he may have given me chlamydia, going to doctor this week to check. She does whatever she needs to do to get what she wants, including cheating on her husband, sleeping with married men, and using her kids to manipulate men.

She is very driven by image — trying to make it seem like everything is perfect in her world. She is my boyfriends ex wife. They have a daughter together, so I expect her to be in my life at some capacity. I tried to like her, invited her into our home and always treated her respectfully.

She on the other hand has been sending my boyfriend photos leaving little to the imagination. She has integrated herself into his family and has them all believing that she was the victim of their separation. She plays the poor pitiful me card to gain empathy, but has nothing better to do but try to destroy mine and his relationship. Better yet, delete her from your life. It really makes me sad that she is so desperate for affection that she has tried to seek for it in completely wrong places.

This woman slept with my friends husband knowing he had a wife. Then even after he told her he wanted nothing to do with her, and was trying to repair his relationship with his wife, she continued to message him with false accusations about his wife.

Obviously trying to start drama in their relationship. She even messaged his wife with lies saying she was pregnant and was going to have the baby just to make their life hell. She works as a nanny and a student at mario tricocci salon. He belongs in prison! Never ever make children with him! Its a real warning! He abusive and once you do he abuses you around the kids. Hes very mentally emotionally abusive.

Never supportive wont be a partner. Never will pay his half for a date! He uses women for sex and has diseases! He kept making more children and is a real deadbeat. He refuses to even chip in for a bag of diapers, an outfit for his kids, refused to even feed his babys in middle the night nor during the day.

He sleeps most of the day for years because hes up all night using crack cocaine. He is physically abusive to his kids moms and girlfriends. As well as mentally and emotionally. Hes been this way for more than a decade. He goes back n forth to jail because he owes CS on the 1 child and has never in 4 years paid on the other 2. He physically hurt the one kid and tried to make his kids mom be a prosty. Hes a loser and uses woman for their cars and he damages their vehicles and never fixes it.

He will go thru red lights and cause you to get tickets. Never pays for them. He is controlling and even though he dont want you he dont want you having anyone else, to move on. He will attack a girlfriend and piss on them not for some kind of sexual thing but to be degrading and abusive. Ladies please be on the lookout for this man. My friend was married to him for 15 years. When he started with my friend she was only Jeremy hid his past and his real self from her for the first year.

Jeremy has a past of beating a child drug offenses and theft. Jeremy likes to party and do drugs. Jeremy is a violent person. Over the course of 15 years Jeremy has broke my friends arm, bruised the whole side of her face, gave her numerous black eyes, a lot of bruises cuts and bumps.

Jeremy has cracked her ribs. Jeremy has also had 3 duis. Jeremy is emotionally and mentally abusive as well. Jeremy has a several affairs and when my friend found out about the last one and was tired of it jeremy moved out but not before he and his new gf destroyed my friends car so that it is not usable.

Jeremy did not even visit his sick child in the hospital. My friend has tried doing everything legally so Jeremy broke into her home and assaulted her causing their oldest child to call the police and jeremy was arrested.

My friend tried to do everything legally and the correct way even filing a restraining order but this is only a piece of paper to jeremy and he keeps breaking it, Jeremy has once again broke into my friends house stealing all her jewelry.

She calls the police they do nothing. Ladies, if you are in a relationship be careful of your men especially at funerals. Holli works for Sunset funeral home. She is a very nasty woman who is not happy unless she ruins marriages and children lives. She then started to send nude pictures and call him.

Well the affair started and my friend and her kids lost their husband and dad. This woman has sliced tires and destroyed my friends car because she is so afraid that the man will leave her. After all this came out it was found out that her pervious relationship started the same way. Also it was made known that Holli faked a pregnancy to keep her ex when he filed a restraining order on her she attempted to pick up his young niece and nephew from day care. Also Holli is not faithful at all.

She might be hurting for now, but she will realise soon enough that you actually did her a favor. So back in December Lizette Mata slept with someone who was committed and had a 3 year old.

She met the bartenders baby momma and she still went and had sex with him. Knowing he had a family and that he was taken. This girl deserves to be exposed for the who she is. Beware ladies, and gentlemen, Kimberly Jo Blackburn will bring your life drama. She knew my son, teenage daughters, and me and still slept with my husband. She lived near us for several years, and even watched my girls before and after school for a while.

It appeared she was very good friends with another neighbor, however would speak of this neighbor very poorly to us, spreading seemingly untrue rumors. Apparently she told my husband that she too was victim to a cheating husband, and that is why she is divorced.


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Well send me a message to start and we will be on our way to be one,hope to hear from you soon, see ya. I'm hoping you'll be discreet, intelligent, and creative, seeking for more than a one-time fuck but nothing very serious at all. You think that's attractive.

Three Pekin police prostitution stings resulted in 19 arrests of would-be johns from March 25 through April All but one was from central Illinois. 51, of Bartonville; Hosea Washington, 41, of Peoria; Jeffrey C. Arbogast. A jury quickly acquitted a Chicago woman Monday of a prostitution charge that rose from her East Peoria Times-Courier - East Peoria, IL. A newspaper report says a man who's serving 15 years in prison for running an underage prostitution operation did so out of an apartment.