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Quiet creative type seeks St louis male


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Quiet creative type seeks St louis male

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Interesting piece this week in the Post , focusing on how St. Louis can find its place in the world, and dispel its reputation as "flyover territory. Louis' creative class, a group that's generally wooed and coveted by cities. I don't know why I do this to myself, but I waded in and read the comments below the story. I have to remember not to do that There were several jabs about "oh, right, slackers with t-shirt stores and tattoo parlors are going to save us.

I didn't read far, because I was depressed by the extreme levels of rancor I found there, but I did read long enough to find this comment from NocoStl, who I thought explained our situation very well:. People just seem more open to new ideas.

There's also less emphasis on settling down and having kids. But that's not to say that there aren't amazing, creative people right here in St. Like Jeff Vines, I took it upon myself to celebrate this community and search out people like that by launching an online magazine about North County.

And before anyone snickers If we are willing to write off an entire corner of our community, essentially keeping our minds tightly closed off to new possibilities, how can this area thrive? We have incredible assets to build upon in St. Louis - architecture, the rivers, history, etc - and yes, many of those things are in North County. And other places that aren't squeaky clean, all-white and bursting with new strip malls.

The 'creative class' is not attracted to cookie cutter development and bloated corporate projects like Ballpark Village. They want organic development, cultural vibrancy and diversity, and a strong sense of community. We have that here in St. I can't bear to keep reading the comments to see if anyone replied to NoCoSTL's post, but I think she has made some interesting points. My inability to stomach the comments also made me wonder if the primary thing holding this city back isn't just a surplus of negativity -- rather than a deficit of creativity.

Skip to main content. Home Culture The Creative Class: Can It Save St. Back to Search Results. I didn't read far, because I was depressed by the extreme levels of rancor I found there, but I did read long enough to find this comment from NocoStl, who I thought explained our situation very well: Discover what's happening around town with SLM 's Weekender newsletter.

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Abraham Lincoln's Letter to Joshua Speed

They say a larger population also reduces the cost of services per capita, and could lead to increased commercial development. Each town does things a little differently. Some offer lots that are hooked up to sewer and water, while others are on unserviced land.

Some also have conditions on the type of construction. There is also still a little free Crown land available — mostly in the Yukon for people who are tough enough to develop Arctic lands for agricultural purposes through the territory's Agricultural Lands Program. Giving away land may not pay off for small towns in the long run, cautions Concordia University Prof. Bill Reimer, who specializes in rural issues. He said the property tax revenues generated by new residences often aren't enough to cover the costs of roads, city staff and services.

Both Reston and Saint-Louis-de-Blandford offer incentives ranging from tax breaks to cash grants to attract new commerce — something Marchand and Chalmers admit is a little more difficult than luring residents. Despite the note of caution, they both say their programs have helped their towns as well as residents such as Christian Martin, who recently moved back to the Saint-Louis-de-Blandford region after 10 years away.

He received a free 5, square-foot lot — big enough that he was able to excavate a lake on his property in addition to building himself a spacious home. Marchand said the program has been "an unexpected success. By offering lots big enough for a home with a backyard, he's managed to attract several young families, a prize demographic he hopes will ensure his town's future.

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Sounds like a plan. Vicki says thanks and made the reservations at Lido del Faro restaurant. This is the view: Oh holy moly, you've found where I need to be to find my inspiration. Can we play checkers on the dock while we wait for the boats to come in? Tell Vicki I said to travel safely. Ha ha, the case of the missing muse. Hercule Poirot is working his little grey cells and will tell us in cyberspace on the Isle of Capri where you and I will exchange our latest digital creation over dinner at ten on Sunday at Lido del Faro.

I took the liberty of charting out our itinerary for the day and sent some actors on ahead to do a trial run. A nice shiny, yellow Corvette-type muse would be lovely! As I read through all the other comments I felt quite alone with my problematic missing muse.

Now I am more determined than ever to discover a new place, to stumble upon a different situation, or to fall hopelessly in 'crush' with someone new Hi Ardie, I'm laughing, envisioning a soap box derby where there is no accelerator and no brake, where you are at the mercy of the terrain of ups and downs.

We need to find you a nice Corvette-type muse with horsepower at your beck and call. I have yet to find a true muse. I cant make it come and I cant look for it. Somehow my inspiration just smacks me in the face and my fingers fly.

I hate it - no control. Perhaps I will try the above mentioned muses in the poll and see if one hits my fancy. For now, I sit below 50 hubs in 3 years hahaha Sad Greetings my friend, I am grateful to Vincent and the others who propel you onward. I know that often you wield the quill without them, but it is comforting to know there are those we can look to for that spark that fuels the Apollonian fire.

Before I wrote this, I hadn't really noticed how many of our words draw from this simple concept--muse-eum, muse-ic, a-muse-ment. May we move each other to summits of beauty and understanding. Here's to the muse and here's to you. My muse Vincent lurks in the shadows, staying close to my writing desk, forcing me when my energy wains to take Quill in hand and create. Sometimes it takes more than one glass of grape to bring forth the demons and angels from my heart and soul. Yet my muse leans patiently against my desk, almost smirking, and pursing his lips quietly whispers into my ear.

Write Saddlerider, write, write and I do. I also have been moved by the opposite sex to do many things and in my life they have won out. Peace to you my fellow poet. Excellent scribe, rated way UP Thank you AC, your bright smile has made poets out of many a fan. Keep up the good work.

Ha Ha CW, thank you for the kind words, it would be an honor and a mocha latte comes with the package. I was going to ask you to be my muse, but after reading all of the comments, I guess I will have to take a number or just grab a cup of coffee! Ansel Adams are breath taking - but this hub just kept me thinking! So way up and outta site! Hey - maybe you are going to be my muse? Hi RH, I know!

As I was looking at your comment it occurred to me that Jess might be short for Jessica and it may have been a guy who wrote it. I'm with you, my mind goes in a million directions, but like Ansel's masterpieces of all white birches with a tiny bit of dark emphasizing the art, that single poignant entry among the beauty was one of the most poetic pieces of true life I have ever seen.

Thanks for coming back, I'm glad you see it too. Hi Jason, nice to meet you. I am also intrigued by what makes us create. The idea of a beautiful muse is only one idea and your experience of writing during intense emotional times is very common. Some of my best poetry came out of emotional trauma.

I guess it's a little like stirring up a school of fish, it's easy to catch one when there are a lot moving around. If you want to be a good writer, just live your life and work hard at it. If you want to be a great writer, it's likely you have to have a few train wrecks along the way so that you understand what makes characters and dialogue believable and gripping. Winsome - that is such a spectacular peek into someone else's reality.

That just makes me think of a million thoughts! I guess I will stand in line to visit you with fine compliments and beautifully constructed subject matter. I find not only your historical references very helpful, but equally intriguing.

I have always felt the deepest pull to write when I am under severe emotional strife. The deeper my conundrum, the stronger my creative juices. I find that when I am in a state of equilibrium, I really have little to say, almost stupefied if you will. Great story, thank you for sharing. Hey WB, I know what you mean.

I was cleaning out the garage and found an old Ansel Adams calendar I had picked up at a yard sale somewhere and was thumbing through the marvelous pictures, thinking I would love to do a pencil drawing of some of them when I stumbled upon the only entry in the calendar. July 20th, , it read like this: Framed by page after page of black and white awesome beauty, snow covered peaks and trees, majestic summits, skies of God, gnarled pines smack dab in the middle of the book--Jess and I broke up Now that is what I call a "muse" situation.

Thank you for your visit, the honest words and for being a soul writer with me. Ha ha, are we that transparent? Thank you DB for an insightful comment.

Please feel free to visit anytime. I enjoyed your perspective on this subject. I have not thought of it much but in doing so feel that I am touched by both situations and individuals which prompts me to write at my best. Witnessing particular situations can really bring out the imagery for me and cause my imagination to flow.

The beauty of women has certainly driven my creativity as well as fired my distraction in many ways Thanks for sharing this nice piece of work and the great verse at the end. A muse inspires, a dormat says nothing but YES and the psychology of men is simply that they are more intrigued by women who "seem different". You are right though - I do write about things or people that surprise me in some way. I also love - The Scream Edvard Munch! Hey RH, I thought you might enjoy this one.

I have noticed in the comments by you and to you that you are inspired and moved to create by others you read or meet. It doesn't have to be romantic, a muse such as a Klimt can move you into a world of new ideas and thoughts and where you emerge often surprises everyone, including yourself. Thanks for the warm words. I am always a-MUSE-d by you.

Winsome - The Kiss is just about one of my favorite paintings - all time. I love Klimt anyway. I've never really thought much about muses - interesting - Up and awesome! I just got the image of a jacket made entirely of romance. With it, a person is Casa Nova, without it, they are an average citizen who longs for love but cannot obtain it. Wait, would the color be "romantic" or would the fabric be "romantic"? Ha ha, point taken, I hadn't thought about the "incurable" part--perhaps "dyed in the wool romantic" would be better.

I will check out your articles. Hello my friend Hello, how nice to see you. You are most welcome, I'm happy you enjoyed it. You should take a peek at my hubs, the 'fairytale' ones, I go in depth on my first installment about my muses. I didn't take the poll because it didn't have an "all the above option" because my muses are the following; Soda, Jiffy, Valeriu, written words in general I actually have written over 12 books just based on a single phrase or word and art in general. Deadlines don't really inspire me, they are just there for a "sell-by-date".

Well, for me anyways. That doesn't make much sense, does it? Incurable almost makes it sound like a disease eating away at your very core, but many don't actually 'suffer' from it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty isn't necessarily romance. I don't know about the "meant to be" part, but speaking as a man, you ladies are a wonder to behold and I am thankful every day for you. I noticed in the poll that not a single reader has stepped up to admit that they are most inspired by a muse, so I will have to be the first.

Yes I am motivated by caffeine, deadlines and works of others, but oh how the delicious rush of admiration, infatuation, I-Thou, and sometimes boyish crush propels me to the heights of expression no mere cup of coffee could create.

I do not apologize for it, I only wish for others the same exhilaration and joy of inspiration. As to your point of romance, I agree that a romantic relationship can only happen if there are mutual desires, but just as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," in my humble opinion, you can be an incurable romantic whether or not it is returned. In fact, I think most beautiful movie stars or models have vast audiences suffering from this very common and mostly harmless condition.

I love this hub. It's very unique and interesting. I love the "goddess and doormat" quote. The same goes with men as well. I think that many people believe it's not the same because society has trained us to believe that woman are meant to be admired and men are meant to admire the women. I once had a whole discussion with a friend on who is more romantic, men or women.

I told him neither because you can do all the romantic gestures you want, but it up to the one you are doing it for to determine if it is romantic or stalkerific. Hello Rebekah, thank you for the muse-worthy eloquence and inspiration. I like how you described the experience. I read again what Robert Browning wrote to Elisabeth and it echoes your sentiment:. It's a great pleasure to me that you see the immense value in these meeting of souls.

Perhaps we will have an opportunity to stroll along the left bank and immerse ourselves in the music, art and poetry one day. When my first book sells n'est pa? Your muse was working overtime?

I love this hub and the topic. It's secret and exhilarating, hypnotic, energizing, sensual, poetic, ethereal, one goes into another realm when the muse is at work. I think everyone benefits from finding their muse at least once in their lifetime. I know I found mine at one point, and he reached within and found my inner self waiting to exhale. It lasted for about two years, we never met face to face. We wrote stories together, I for his photography themes, he for my poetry. By writing, I helped him learn English.

He went on to become a very successful fashion photographer and has his own modeling agency in Berlin. Thumbs up Winsome for another favorite hub. I always look forward to reading your inspiration. Thank you Laurel, it would be an honor as your writing and support has inspired me from the beginning of my time here at HP.

Very a-Muse-ing GH, and if masterpieces of art, Muse-ic or literature are created out of these simple pleasures I say "think" on. Notice that I carefully said "beautiful or attractive or intriguing women.

But Winsome-you've written a powerful and lovely poem which speaks volumes about you. I love your writing, which is extremely inspiring. Perhaps I'll consider you as my muse Men love a beautiful muse because they think with the other head. Like you said, Oprah was not one. Well, Winsome, I can't compete with Shakespeare, but I will say, thank you for your beautiful comments, and add that you are adorable.

You have a lovely way about you Amy, a true muse and whether it is the rush of brain chemicals or simply poetic desire, you and others like you make writing for me a real pleasure. Thank you for the excellent comment, for the kind words, for reminding me to include a paragraph on the biochemistry of attraction, and for being who you are. Shakespeare said it best: Your poetic art captures the transcendent exhilaration of the muse relationship perfectly.

Otherworldly, all consuming, real in the moment, but is it real? I think Plato's experience is the consuming, but transitory epitome of the muse. It can be like a drug and I wonder if the rush of brain chemicals are more the addiction than the object of desire. Mesmerizing, inspiring, thought provoking, excellent piece, Winsome, and your poetry is a masterpiece. So so true DJ, the muse touches the soul and that's where all the beauty begins.

Thank you for your warm and heartfelt comment. So good to see you Doc. Now you have to come clean with us--tell us about your muse Isn't that painting wonderful--I was going to put in a cubist one but this one was just, well cool.

Thanks for coming by. I have been inspired by many muses on HP as well as in the non-virtual realms and it is like high octane fuel in a supercharged engine. I don't know exactly how it works, but I am so glad it does. Thanks mate as always for lively and meaningful dialogue. Hi HB, I agree that the artist has a lot to do with a good muse relationship. Thanks for the great input. Thanks for sharing another cool and awesome hub! The muse may vary depending on the taste of the artist, but above all, they can always touch the very soul of the one who knows to appreciate it.

You shared a very soulful poem too I love this hub! Interesting subject and beautiful poem, Winsome. The ultimate 'Muse' photo is sensational. Who would want to paint a mountain when one could have a beautiful muse to muse over. The depth of your poem demonstrates how hypnotic and alluring a beautifully painted muse can be. Time marches on for everyone, except for a muse, locked in an artist's frozen moment.

One can be ethereal or dowdy and an artist might go creatively crazy. Love of one inspires and creates a muse. This is a cool Hub. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

To provide a better website experience, letterpile. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats. Are you a person who needs a muse to get you going? What makes you feel vital and alive? What inspires or lifts you? What most inspires you to be creative? A good cup of coffee A publishing or artistic deadline A beautiful or handsome muse Artistic or written creations See results.

He didn't want me in his regular life not that I didn't try. And not just him. People would always tell me that they lived vicariously through my life. Faith Reaper, Thank you so much for your considered comment. Love that first portrait. Feel free to grace all my hubs with your unique perspective. Thanks for the visit and kind words. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

Practice your portrait, fashion, model and product photography in the St. Louis Photo Authority®'s spacious and well equipped studio. This is the club for those who want to learn and build their portfolios. Creative Illusions. 3, likes · 2 talking about this. Boutique and pageant wear. Interesting piece this week in the Post, focusing on how St. Louis can find its place in the world, and dispel its reputation as "flyover territory."The article dedicates a couple of generous paragraphs to St. Louis' creative class, a group that's generally wooed and coveted by cities.