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Where is my bbc Toledo asian lady

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Let's enjoy spending time together Just visiting Phoenix for a month. Hope Where is my bbc Toledo asian lady finds you and would love to hear back from you.

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American Academy of Pediatrics: Baby Walkers Too Dangerous Forbes. Baby walkers are banned in Canada! Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act , Canadians are not allowed to manufacture, import, advertise or sell baby walkers. Canada is the first country to have such a law against them. But isn't there always a "but? One that can't be reversed.

If you're not enthusiastic about potentially losing every scrap of data in your user folder such as music, photos and documents, please read on. First razor clam dig of the season. Further inquiries should be routed to the Department of Community Development at I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your continued monthly Donation! We haven't talked in a while We have a supply drive coming up next week at Shop n Kart.

Ron Smith and Bill Moore are heading the sign planting efforts this Saturday the 6th. Please meet at the shed across from the boat launch at 9am if you can help.

Even just taking a few signs to your neighbors will make a big difference, as many hands make light work. Come join us at our new Patterns exhibit at Gallery Images courtesy Gallery We are open pm Wed. The deadline to register to vote online is Monday, October 8. The deadline for registering to vote by mail is Monday, October 8. Election day is Tuesday, November 6. Email your news, reviews and events to: The Other Toledo is on Facebook. Sign up to have The Other Toledo delivered right to your inbox.

We hate spam too so we never sell your information. Oh, and we have no marketing or promotional materials. On any given day, Toledo Senior Center serves a variety of interests. They will be combining efforts with the Toledo Elementary School Second Graders in a collaborative project. This involves 57 2nd graders and 30 THS students creating sea creature ornaments, reading books on sea creatures along with preparing skits to perform. Tuesday, October 2, Contact: Use of JUUL by youth in schools, including in classrooms and bathrooms, has been widely reported.

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and JUUL contains among the highest nicotine content of any e-cigarette on the U. Like other e-cigarettes, JUUL is a battery-powered device that heats a nicotine-containing liquid to produce an aerosol that is inhaled.

JUUL comes in a variety of flavors, including mango and creme, and also uses nicotine salts, which can allow high levels of nicotine to be inhaled more easily and with less irritation. Other manufacturers have recently started making look-alike e-cigarette products. Many of the sales likely reflect products obtained directly or indirectly by youth. A recent analysis found that 74 percent of youth who used JUUL reported obtaining the device from a physical retail store, and about half reported obtaining the device from a social source such as a friend or family member.

The use of e-cigarettes is unsafe for children, teens, and young adults The U. Surgeon General has concluded that e-cigarette use among youth and young adults is a public health concern, and that e-cigarette aerosol is not harmless. Over the past several months, the U. Food and Drug Administration has taken a series of actions as part of its Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan to more immediately target the illegal sales of e-cigarettes to youth, as well as youth-oriented marketing and appeal of these products.

In September , FDA announced the issuance of more than 1, warning letters and civil money penalty complaints to retailers who illegally sold JUUL and other e-cigarette products to minors.

Despite recent rainfall, the total burn ban is still in effect. In order for the ban to be rescinded takes a proclamation by the Board of County Commissioners. At this point, they have not done so, leaving the current ban in place. SW Clean Air Agency notes: So many wonderful people from all over the PNW converged at the camp for workshops, skill shares, presentations, and fellowship.

It starts with Laura Sweany , who mentioned to me the first time she came to the camp over two years ago for the first Lewis County Permaculture Society potluck that this would be a perfect place for the Convergence.

She went on to join the board last year, advocated for it to be at the camp, and then offered to be the local coordinator. Thank you Laura, for making it all happen! Laura also invited Rohn Amegatcher from Log Hollow Farms , who gave a lively, engaging, and all around wonderful presentation on Sunday about permaculture on the African continent.

Rohn, right here in Lewis County, is implementing ancient knowledge and skills about agroforestry, passed down from the oldest of ancestors, and showing how we can all apply these techniques to ensure food sovereignty and security in our region.

We basically owe our entire future of being able to do things at the camp to this superwoman, and we are eternally grateful. These two took on the enormous challenge of organizing the kitchen this weekend and passed with flying colors. What a pleasure to get to know and work with you this weekend! Cassie took on the daunting challenge of coordinating the volunteers, but she went far above and beyond that job. She was the engine that kept this train running this weekend in oh so many ways.

Felt like I made a new friend this weekend, and looking forward to many more events and fun times with this lady in our future! Many folks mentioned that they loved that children were so included in the convergence this year, which is all thanks to Annie.

We hear things were pretty rough on Saturday, and thank goodness Annie had such a competent, creative group of good humans on her team. Thanks so much to all of you for adding such a special part to the convergence this year! Michaelyn Erickson and Andy from Soulstice Gardens worked the glamorous job of traffic control on the road during the busiest times. They jumped in all weekend, driving shuttles, dishing out food at meals, helping stranded keynote speakers, and Michaelyn somehow managed to fit in giving a presentation!

It's so nice to have Jake and Valerie Dailey back in Toledo. David Buker aka Bucket , generously lent us his fancy keyboard for the Contra dance band! He came over Thursday night to bring it for sound check, and when we were too exhausted to sweep and mop the floor that night he did it for us.

Then he helped with a million little things throughout the weekend, and came back Monday with Cassie Hermione Driver to help clean the lodge for hours. Tristan saved the day multiple times! Big thank you to the Todd s, the Kimmet s, and Kate Chapman who bought full price tickets for the weekend and then all ended up volunteering and helping out in so many ways. Ben Todd , just for fun, built an entire structure with Jake Dailey and Brian Dennis before the convergence as a place to hang his hammocks in the marketplace.

He shared goodies with us throughout the weekend, and then he and Eric Kimmet bought pizza and beer for all the locals Sunday evening, and Ann-Marie and Sandra brought wine. Can you even believe all these people? Throughout the weekend food from Cara would magically appear for me, along with coffee and treats that came at just the right time. Thank you for taking care of us all weekend, Cara and T!

When one of our keynote speakers was less than thrilled with her accommodation, Michaelyn had the brilliant idea to ask Billie Washington of Native Soil Farm if she could stay in her Airbnb. We hear they hit it off! Bill Nelson came over with his tractor and brush hog before the event and made the camp look better than ever.

He also made the road into camp smooth as butter. Our neighbor, Tim Pegler, mowed his field and let the convergence folks park there. Our new friends at Raintree Nursery in Morton donated loads of trees and plants for the new swale and lent us an electric cart to use around the camp all weekend!

And Boone Bergsma from Bossy Acres stopped by after his cross country road trip just to say hi and offer support. We have the best friends! Finally, our most local of residents--those who live at camp--came through in so many ways.

Too many to even try to list. Seriously, we would be nowhere without them and feel like they are family. Carol Majewski bought stuff needed before the convergence when we were running low on funds.

She watched Mimi so much leading up to the event, then had a booth on Saturday to support Carolyn Long for Congress, and of course helped out in countless other ways throughout the weekend. Not to mention buying the camp in the first place and letting us have many community building events here for free. You all jumped in and made it work, and we could not ask for a better group of humans to call our neighbors and friends. From the bottom of our hearts, Brian and I are so grateful, and we look forward to working hard and playing hard with all of you friends a very long time.

She used the money to install a playground and outdoor education space earlier this year. If you want more information to nominate a teacher like Cheryl, ask me for details. Then I came across this article on EarthSky: Microbes catch a ride on fog , published in the journal Science of the Total Environment. A team of scientists has provided the first view of fog as a carrier for microbes. Here, a researcher holds a plate of fungi cultured directly from Namib Desert fog.

Both desert and marine locations were studied, both subject to virus, fungi, and bacteria microbes carried in on fog. Elias Dueker of Bard College is co-lead author of the study. When fog rolls in, it can shift the composition of terrestrial airborne microbial communities.


Paying with 'kisses' as Brazil’s social currencies spread - BBC News

Tim Child, medical director at the Oxford Fertility Unit at the University of Oxford says people are leaving it too long before before going to see their GP about their fertility problems.

Neela hopes that people can be more understanding and supportive towards women "who can't just fall off a log and get pregnant" so that people like her can feel more comfortable talking about it. Instead of asking personal, intrusive questions, she wants people to be aware that one in seven heterosexual couples in the UK is affected by infertility. The EU's upbeat assessment comes two weeks after officials dismissed the UK's proposals as unworkable. Image caption It is never too early to talk to a health professional about fertility worries New research suggests that many women aged who do not have children feel judged for not having had a baby.

The organisation, which interviewed women for its survey, said it was a common problem. More on this story. What affects your fertility? What does the future of IVF look like? National Infertility Awareness Campaign. NHS Choices - Infertility. Local Funs We're 45 Funners.

Open Toledo We're Members. It's My Mommy's Business - Meetup. Monclova National and Global Travel. Toledo Whole Food Nutrition.

Womens Travel Circle We're Travelers. Great Lakes Atheists We're Members. Girl Develop It Toledo. Paranormal Toledo We're ParaPeep. Toledo Business Mastermind We're 5 Members. Toledo Ohio Parental Alienation. Toledo We're Members. Toledo Animal Rights Activists. Toledo Online Marketing Meetup. True North Sailing Adventures. Helping Kids Fight Cancer. Toledo Photographer's Co-op We're Members.

Toledo Board Games Meetup. Our House Games We're Members. Magic the Gathering in Southeast Michgan. Deerfield Day Traders Meetup.

Another product in this class, Credelio , recently received FDA approval. These products are approved for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, and the treatment and control of tick infestations. The FDA is working with manufacturers of isoxazoline products to include new label information to highlight neurologic events because these events were seen consistently across the isoxazoline class of products.

The FDA carefully reviewed studies and other data on Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica prior to approval, and these products continue to be safe and effective for the majority of animals. The agency is asking the manufacturers to make the changes to the product labeling in order to provide veterinarians and pet owners with the information they need to make treatment decisions for each pet on an individual basis.

Although FDA scientists carefully evaluate an animal drug prior to approval, there is the potential for new information to emerge after marketing, when the product is used in a much larger population.

In the first three years after approval, the FDA pays particularly close attention to adverse event reports, looking for any safety information that may emerge. The FDA monitors adverse drug event reports received from the public or veterinarians, other publicly available information such a peer-reviewed scientific articles , and mandatory reports from the animal drug sponsor the company that owns the right to market the drug.

Drug sponsors must report serious, unexpected adverse events within 15 days of the event. In addition, they must submit any events that are non-serious, plus any laboratory studies, in vitro studies, and clinical trials that have not been previously submitted to the agency, on a bi-annual basis for the first two years following product approval and annually thereafter.

The FDA continues to monitor adverse drug event reports for these products and encourages pet owners and veterinarians to report adverse drug events. Merck Animal Health Bravecto: But - not so fast! The late season chores we perform go a long way toward getting next year's garden off to a fabulous start. Forest School at Camp Singing Wind this week: Fridays at Toledo Presbyterian Church, Augustus.

Locally raised plants of proven quality. Toledo Girls Soccer team is hosting a Mexican food fundraiser to help fund gear such as soccer balls, new goals or nets. Please come and help. Image courtesy Dakota Robins Music Finally: September 22, is Museum Day , is a one-day event in which participating museums and cultural institutions across the country provide free entry to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket.

Participants are allowed to download one ticket per email address. The ticket provides free general admission on Saturday, September 22, , for two people. Find nearby participating museums at Smithsonianmag. Toledo Schools ACT 2-hour late start. Page Turners Returns Health Corner: Unfortunately, natural disasters and severe weather create opportunities for fraud in their wake, when people are at their most vulnerable.

In particular, be wary of fake flood insurance robocalls. Contact your insurance agent or your insurance company directly. There are several steps you can take to protect yourself from this type of fraud: Donate to trusted, well-known charities. Beware of scammers who create fake charities during natural disasters.

Always verify a charity's legitimacy through its official website. You can also check with the National Association of State Charity Officials whether charities must be registered in your state and if the charity contacting you is on file with your state.

Verify all phone numbers for charities. If you need to contact a charity by phone, verify through the charity's official website that the number you have is legitimate. Do not open suspicious emails. If you receive a suspicious email requesting donations or other assistance, do not click on any links or open any attachments.

Scammers regularly use email for phishing attacks and to spread malware. Be skeptical of social media posts. Independently verify any solicitation for charitable donations before you give.

If you're using text-to-donate, check the number with the charity first. Finally, watch out for scammers impersonating federal, state, tribal and municipal authorities.

If someone calls claiming to be a government official, hang up and call the number listed on that government agency's official website. Adult Page Turners book group returns from their summer hiatus 1: Any book by David Quammen. History Room located in library. Tell Charlie I sent you. September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month—a time to share resources and stories in an effort to shed light on this highly taboo and stigmatized topic… Each year, more than 41, individuals die by suicide.

According to the U. Department of Veterans Affairs, each day there are around 20 veterans who commit suicide. Female veterans have higher rates of depression and suicide than their male counterparts. In , a random sample of 1, middle-schoolers from one of the largest school districts in the United States completed a survey of Internet use and experiences One factor that has been linked to suicidal ideation is experience with bullying in and around school and the neighborhood That is, youth who are bullied, or who bully others, are at an elevated risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completed suicides.

If you have a student attending TES, this is for you. Public welcome and invited to attend. The Toledo School District uses the online board meeting solution platform BoardDocs to manage school board meetings as well as post meeting agendas, minutes and policies. Toledo Senior Center update: Autumn's low-Impact afternoon exercise class has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Class will resume Winter quarter. November News Bomb Meeting Always. For Immediate Release - September 18, Release: In the latest of a series of actions to address the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use, the U. The campaign targets nearly We congratulate the FDA on the launch of this new, hard-hitting campaign about the risk of addiction and other health consequences that can result from youth using e-cigarettes.

This troubling reality is prompting us to take even more forceful actions to stem this dangerous trend, including revisiting our compliance policy that extended the compliance dates for manufacturers of certain e-cigarettes, including flavored e-cigarettes, to submit applications for premarket authorization. Based on our evidence, we believe the presence of flavors is one component making these products especially attractive to kids.

The mandate to reverse this trend in youth addiction to nicotine is one of my highest priorities. No youth should be using any nicotine-containing product, and the trends underway are more than a small amount of casual experimentation among kids. They are evidence of a significant swath of a generation of kids becoming regular users of nicotine.

Kids who use e-cigarettes are more likely to try combustible cigarettes. In fact, more than 2 million middle and high school students were current users of e-cigarettes in , and the FDA now believes that youth use of e-cigarettes is reaching epidemic proportions.

Additional research from another survey, Monitoring the Future, shows that about 80 percent of youth do not see great risk of harm from regular use of e-cigarettes. This is particularly alarming considering that harm perceptions can influence tobacco use behaviors. The messages highlight that nicotine can rewire the brain to crave more nicotine, particularly because adolescent brains are still developing.

Other messages highlight that e-cigarettes, among other things, can contain dangerous chemicals such as: This includes using location-targeted advertising around high schools nationwide and placing e-cigarette prevention content on educational platforms that are typically accessed by students during the school day.

Posters also will be placed in at least 10, high school bathrooms, and additional materials for students and educators will be distributed to schools, in collaboration with Scholastic and Students Against Destructive Decisions SADD. Public education is a critical component of our ongoing work to prevent youth use of tobacco products and complements our enforcement and regulatory efforts to protect kids. In particular, the FDA last week announced a series of critical and historic enforcement actions and signaled its intention to take new and significant steps to address the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes to kids.

The agency last week also issued letters to five major e-cigarette manufacturers whose products — JUUL, Vuse, MarkTen, blu e-cigs, and Logic — were sold to kids during the enforcement blitz asking them to submit to FDA within 60 days plans describing how they will address the widespread youth access and use of their products.

If they fail to do so, or if the plans do not appropriately address this issue, the FDA will consider whether it would be appropriate to revisit the current policy that results in these products remaining on the market without a marketing order from the agency. This could mean requiring these brands to remove some or all of their flavored products that may be contributing to the rise in youth use from the market until they receive premarket authorization and otherwise meet all of their obligations under the law.

The FDA also committed to taking even stronger measures to stem the troubling trends of youth use, including, among others, investigating whether manufacturers of certain e-cigarette products may be marketing new products that were not on the market as of Aug.

The agency has other active investigations underway related to the marketing of these products. The FDA is also exploring clear and meaningful measures to make tobacco products less toxic, appealing and addictive.

The agency also issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in March to seek public comment on the role that flavors in tobacco products play in attracting youth.

The FDA intends to expedite the review and analysis of the comments so it can leverage the information into policy as quickly as possible, should the science support further action. Additionally, the agency plans to explore additional restrictions on the sale and promotion of ENDS to further reduce youth exposure and access to these products.

Initial e-cigarette prevention content first debuted in October This new campaign is part of the FDA's ongoing efforts to prevent disease and death caused by tobacco use and will complement the agency's other youth tobacco prevention campaigns. Department of Health and Human Services, protects the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other biological products for human use, and medical devices.

Jay Inslee announced today that representatives from the United States and Canada have agreed to recommend their governments approve new coast-wide fishing agreements under the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

The agreement outlines each nation's fishery management plans for chinook, coho, and chum salmon stocks from to If approved, the treaty will result in more salmon returning to Washington and Oregon waters, where many populations are listed for protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act. WDFW plans controlled burns on wildlife areas in Eastern Washington "By burning off accumulations of natural vegetation and logging debris, we can reduce the risk of high-intensity wildfires that can destroy wildlife habitat," he said.

The September equinox is coming! We have an equinox coming up on September 23 at 1: Image courtesy Geosync Earth at the equinoxes shown at right; Earth at solstices shown at left. In each of the images, Earth's rotational axis is perpendicular straight up and down , with the North Pole at top and South Pole at bottom. Bike Safety training for trainers Monday , Tuesday, the kids! Image courtesy Toledo School District Thanks to a bike safety grant that was funded last year. Image courtesy Annie Jones But when it comes to children, all three are deeply entwined.

Children learn the truth by imagining all the ways the world could be, and testing those possibilities. Please share and spread the word.

We have had to purchase new signs, banners and display boards. We still need to pay for literature and advertising. We need your help to get the word out and still don't have enough to cover our costs. It is so important to not miss this incredible opportunity we've been given. As of 10PM Tuesday night, more than half their modest goal had been raised. The Swap Shack is the place you can pick up good reusable paint or cleaning products.

Both facilities are open every Wednesday and the first and third Saturday 9: Washington State Fire Wire: Health concerns about the impact of smoke and ash extend well beyond the fire's perimeter.. However, final action selling or leasing public property shall be taken in a meeting open to the public Designed as a multi-use building, the questions arose regarding utility hook-ups and parking. Projections for final use are in early stages of development yet. Notch also owns another commercial property in town.

Such a credit to our community and benefit to our kids. We had a visit from these goats at day-camp this summer and the campers loved them! The end of the free disposal voucher program is nearing! This program offers Lewis County residents an opportunity to dispose of up to 1, pounds of household refuse at no charge. The voucher is good for one trip to one of the Lewis County transfer stations, and cannot be used for tires, appliances, computers, televisions or hazardous waste.

If you rent your property, you must visit one of the transfer stations to fill out an application, show your driver's license and a utility bill, proving that you live at that address. Here is the link to get the voucher, if you are a homeowner: This is a decent take on the question of whether Microsoft is going to go to a subscription charge for Windows Of course, for Windows 7 owners this was never something they expected to pay. Historically, almost every time Apple releases a major new software version, there are huge and gigantic bugs for some people that sometimes make your phone unusable for a few days until they fix the problem.

Apple was able to improve battery life and system speed, even on older devices. There are a bunch of new features: You can read all the details in this article. Wikipedia defines Chrome OS thus: Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google Google Chrome OS Pros: Good security with automatic updates.

Tight integration with many Google services. Inconsistent app behavior among Android apps and between Android and Chrome apps. Unexpected program and system shutdowns. Chrome OS offers an inexpensive way to browse the web and run web apps and some Android apps. Windows 10 and macOS offer more polish, conveniences, and hardware integrations, however. What is Android OS used for? Android is an OS created by Google for use on mobile devices , such as smartphones and tablets.

Here are all the Chromebooks that run Android and Linux apps. Toledo City Council Convenes Tuesday: County burn ban modified to allow campfires. Details at press release link. Saturday was the start of Coastal Waterspout Season , which goes through Dec 31st.

Keep an eye out, and if you see one seek shelter. This just in… USGS reported: The quake struck at a depth of about 25 miles. President Trump is going to text you on Thursday. Actually, he's going to text the whole country. All phones that are on and have providers registered with the system are capable of getting the 'Presidential Alert' text. The alert will commence 2: Info on the emergency alert test: Popular at EarthSky this week: Alien-hunting AI discovers dozens of mysterious fast radio bursts.

More at this link: This meeting is for the Toledo board to learn more about effective boardsmanship and managing an effective strategic plan. No school business will be considered and no decisions will be made at this meeting. DYI Cold Frame Challenge Building a cold frame is a great fall or winter project and suitable for even the most challenged person when it comes to carpentry skills. Store-bought cold frames can be expensive and often lack the quality and flexibility of homemade designs.

DYI cold frames, on the other hand, can be of high quality and low cost. A cold frame is simply a four-sided box with a transparent lid that captures light from the sun and traps heat to protect plants from spring and fall frosts… More Below are two sets of instructions for building a small cold frame: Leaves are starting to show their fall colors.

Here are some tips about composting your leaves once they fall. Join us this Thursday at 3: Please see attached BOCC legislative agenda. Dates may change if scheduled on or near a federal holiday. Occasionally the council will hold a workshop or special meeting. Dates and times will be announced prior to meetings. Generally they are held the same night of council meetings.

Stop by City Hall and get your raffle tickets for your chance to win this beautiful quilt. Drawing will be held at the event on Sept. There will be a hot dog lunch, raffle baskets, prizes, quilt raffle, and more.

Stop by Toledo City Hall and get your registration done today. All money raised is used to park improvements, this year's funds will be used to complete the rv dump station! Only rain makes rainbows See the second one faintly arcing over the first? National Weather Service forecast Friday through Sunday: In response to the second impurity being identified, Health Canada also released guidance on what patients taking affected valsartan medications should do.

What to do if you take valsartan If you are worried your drug could be on the recall list, talk with your doctor or pharmacist before changing any routine with your medicine. Because not all valsartan drugs are involved in the second recall, they might be able to switch you to a version of the drug made by another company.

Merely by being present at the training location brought home the reality of the massive damage that invasive pests can do to the team. When training, they would hear trees crash to the ground — dead and falling ash trees destroyed by Emerald Ash Borer infestations. Read the whole page and see more pics. Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated! OK, what she actually said: Lewis County Seniors are enjoying great support from their community. Supports Lewis County Seniors. To Toledo Lions Club for 3 shiny new carts!

Loyal volunteers who make it all happen! Support through the year from individuals and civic-minded organizations! Yes, pets need food too. Please consider this need when considering year-end tax deductions to a charity. Cowlitz Prairie Grange Jam Night 7: Performers and supporters welcome.

Gallery September Exhibit: Spectra poster designed by Jake Morgan of Morgan Online Media September's "Spectra" exhibit challenges us to see how light and color interact with new elements in unexpected ways.

Experience "Spectra" from September 6th through the 29th, Wednesday to Saturday 1 to 5 p. Visit us at Cowlitz St. This weekend, the TES Garden will get new hard spaces for student learning. Thanks to generous donations of materials, all that's left to do is the installation. We need your help! In addition to putting down pavers and installation, the garden needs some weed whacking and general Autumn clean up. Start time is 1 p.

We're expecting and will need lots of people to make this happen. Will you be there? Lewis County Solid Waste Utility says: Hazo Hut and the Swap Shack at the Central Transfer Station in Centralia accept your leftover or unwanted household hazardous waste and burned out fluorescent lights. Will The Chip Guy open up the warehouse today?

Plenty of work trade and volunteer options are still available for discounted and free tickets. Hello again to all you intrepid Permaculture peeps! Our 11th Annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence is coming up soon: We have been busy organizing things for the most interactive event of our region, and it will be full of all the aspects — loads of amazing workshops, wonderful food, great networking opportunities, a vibrant Marketplace, powerful keynote speakers — plus several additional features we've only tasted in the past: This year, we are even offering a NEW delight: The Chip Guy Today: For over 20 years Food Safety Education Month has been used to promote safe food handling.

The fact that food poisoning is completely preventable makes this number even more compelling. Over , pounds of ready-to-eat frozen chicken recalled for metal fragments. A full list of the affected products can be found here.

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to egg run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product. Toledo School District is looking for school bus drivers. Great job for retirees. Contact Mindy Smith at A local 8th grader you must hear to believe. September signals the return of Page Turners Book Group.

Have a nice hot cuppa your preferred chill-chaser, peruse the sale racks new stuff added weekly and print out your papers at the best prices anywhere. Experience "Spectra" from September 6th through the 29th, Wednesday to Saturday from 1 to 5 p. Please do not arrive early. We have a very good selection of produce for today. Please share and get the word out.

Event is Sept ; www. Toledo Lioness Club welcomes new members. Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, September 12th, 6: Looking forward to seeing you. Cowlitz Prairie Grange 6: Getting ready for Words For Thirds. Grange Hall at Jackson Highway. Earthquake of magnitude 6. There is NO tsunami danger for the Washington and Oregon coast. Images courtesy Toledo School District Teachers setting goals and learning about new technology for increasing student engagement.

Does Toledo Community Library do this? Working with a widely scattered crew in Lynnwood, I got a cryptic phone call from the office, a prank I thought. Soon strangers driving by, cyclists, pedestrians turned up radios and fell silent. A battered Apache pickup truck drove by with a massive frayed American Flag lashed to an upright timber as all eyes followed this tattered symbol of unification. Dark-skinned workers were re-situated away from heavily-traveled routes, their co-workers instructed to especially remain alert to any untoward focus directed at these potential targets.

In the days, weeks and months following, we shared the dwindling work rather than lay off half the crew. We made it through by coming together. That remains in my memory as sharply as the initial doubt and uncertainty that long, long day.

Image kempterfirewire They thought they could break us.. After learning of the other attacks, passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 launch a counterattack on hijackers aboard their plane to try to seize control of the aircraft. In response, the hijackers crash the plane into an empty field near Shanksville, Pa. The acre World Trade Center site is in ruins, with collateral damage affecting all adjacent properties and streets.

A rescue and recovery effort begins immediately. But I recommend this sobering interactive timeline link from memorial here. President George W Bush signed into law Joint Resolution 71, designating September 11 Patriot Day in remembrance of those who lost their lives in a coordinated attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania during an aborted flight targeting another site.

Citizens for Great Toledo Schools update: Due to feedback from several other community members, we are changing the time and place of Tuesday's School Bond informational meeting to 6: We'll need as much help as we can get as we are only 8 weeks from election day!

If you care to see it pass, we could use your help. Composting is a little like baking a cake. There are some basic science principles required to successfully create a composting setup that works for you. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about your own composting challenges. Participants who pre-register by 5 p. One bin per family, please. To register, call , or email swu lewiscountywa.

Tuesday September 11 , from 6 - 8 PM Where: The girls are rock stars at cheer. Please let them know that all of us coaches are super proud of them Why you can smell rain.

Was a good Second Garage Sale weekend! LOTS of donations… Thanks for your support. Classes begin 2 hours later than normal to allow teachers their required cert hours. GOV Held Mondays 10 a. We look forward to seeing you all there for this great event. Come learn some interesting facts about your local deputies, and engage them in conversation.

Free online webinar series with over 30 providers. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who might benefit from this topic. Wishing you all the best of health!

All the national grocery retailers such as Kroger, Safeway, Target and Walmart and many smaller retailers offer bag recycling collections in their stores.

The bins are usually located near the front entrance. Believe it or not, black plastic bags are harder to recycle and sometimes omitted from store collection bins. Please pass the word. Basic Composting Toledo High School: Wood Sorrel Forest School is off to a running start! A little glimpse into the Magic of Forest School: So off we ran to find the next adventure! September's "Spectra" exhibit challenges us to see how light and color interact with new elements in unexpected ways.

West Coast, including Oregon and Washington. Are you looking at renting or leasing a home or apartment?

There are many current scams taking advantage of potential renters occurring online. The following resource can help educate you before you exchange money or make an agreement: WDFW schedules tentative razor clam digs through December. Everyone's favorite potato and salad bar is back! Enjoy a big baked potato with all the fixings! Desserts and drinks are included.

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